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Yellowstone-inspired recipes from The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook author Jackie Alpers. Recipes from Yellowstone, 1883, 1923 and free bonus recipes! Buy the Yellowstone Cookbook for even more Yellowstone inspired recipes! 

Pan roasted green beans with garlic and butter on a 6666 Ranch plate from Yellowstone cookbook author Jackie Alpers
"6666 Ranch" Pan Roasted Garlic Butter Green Beans
After a hard day’s work at the 6666 Ranch in Texas, Jimmy devoured a plate of Country Fried Steak smothered with gravy and a side of green beans. I'm sharing my recipe for Sheet Pan Roasted Green Beans to whet your appetite... you’ll have to wait for The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook for the main course.
"Meaner Than Evil" BBQ Hot Wings
BBQ hot wings recipe. Choose your own eating adventure with spice levels varying from hot to insanely hot.
"Train Station" Funeral Potatoes
A healthier recipe for the comforting cheese and hash brown potatoes casserole that's covered in baked sour cream and cheddar potato chips, with a cowboy inspired spin from Yellowstone's "train station."
"Yellowstone Ranch" Cast Iron Skillet Dinner Rolls
These dinner rolls which are baked and served in a cast iron skillet are right at home on the Dutton family table - a free bonus recipe from The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook by Jackie Alpers.
big spoonful of lentil caviar with a Sonoran vinaigrette and serrano peppers, red onions
Arizona Cowboy Caviar
My Arizona Cowboy Caviar is made with is made with lentils, chile peppers and red onion in a spicy citrus vinaigrette. It's similar to Texas Caviar made with black eyed peas and the lentils do resemble fish eggs.
Berry Tinted Irish Soda Bread
Recipe for Irish soda bread with blueberries and currants inspired by 1923 from The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook author Jackie Alpers. 
Beth's Breakfast Smoothie
How to make Beth Dutton's famous "2 scoops of ice-cream, 3 shots of vodka" smoothie from the Yellowstone TV series from Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook.
stack of bison nachos dripping with cheese. food photography and recipe by Jackie Alpers.
Bison Nachos
Bison are a seminal component of Western American history. The massive bison hunts of the 19th century resulted in their near extinction. With conservation efforts in place, the Yellowstone bison are considered the last truly wild herd of American plains bison in existence. Regenerative bison farms have reintroduced this healthy beef alternative into American food systems.
grilled corn with charred husks
Campfire Corn on the Cob
How to perfectly grill corn in the husk for campfires or cookouts using a grill or fire pit. The secret is soaking the ears first.
Irish Pasties- pastry filled with pot roast, potatoes and carrots..
Cara Dutton's Irish Pasties
Traditionally made with leftover Sunday pot roast, Butte pasties are a beloved Montana via Ireland tradition to this day. 
charro cowboy beans in a white side dish. Recipe photo from The Taste of Tucson Cookbook by Jackie Alpers
Charro Cowboy Beans
Vegan recipe for the saucy, whole Sonoran-style pinto beans that you see cowboys (charros) eating in old Western movies, from the Taste of Tucson cookbook by Jackie Alpers.
Chicken Fried Steak Dinner
How to make the perfect chicken fried steak dinner - includes recipe links to my smoky mashed potatoes, sausage gravy, and garlic butter green beans. Fun fact!: The vintage plate shown in this photograph matches the one from Yellowstone that this meal was served to "Jimmy" on at the 6666 Ranch in Texas.
corn chowder topped with popped amaranth on a black background served in a Lodge Cast Iron bowl.
Creamed Corn Chowder with Popped Amaranth
This rich and creamy, charred corn chowder is made with lowfat buttermilk and topped with popped Amaranth which is a gluten-free, ancient grain native to the Western and Southwestern United States that can be popped like popcorn which a nice crunch.
a bright red whisky cocktail surrounded by red dominos
Drinks from the Yellowstone Bunkhouse: The Red Domino Cocktail
A cocktail recipe from The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook author Jackie Alpers for Gin & juice - Yellowstone Style! With ingredients local to the Dutton family ranch. Drinks from the Yellowstone Bunkhouse: The Red Domino Cocktail.
Dry-fried asparagus is charred and crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. Photography and recipe by Jackie Alpers using Westward Ho plates from the Yellowstone TV series
Dry-Fried Asparagus
Dry-fried asparagus is charred and crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. It has direct contact to the pan without oil or butter. Asparagus grows wild in Montana where the Yellowstone TV series is filmed.
Yellowstone tribue recipe of a man in a bathrobe holding a green smoothie.
Green Smoothie
 A Yellowstone tribute recipe to the villain Roarke drinking a green smoothie after naked yoga. This is the same drinkware used on the show! The recipe was developed from carefully analyzing all of the ingredients shown on Roarke's kitchen counter and my conclusion is that he (or the Yellowstone prop person) can make a pretty decent green smoothie. Note: the photo is a recreation of the scene - at this point in the show he had put on a bathrobe. We didn't get to see him naked. 
Cowboy Steak with grill marks on picnic table cloth
Grill The Perfect Cowboy Steak
Making authentic cowboy steaks is really easy. When I asked Bryan Keith, the Grill Master from Pinnacle Peak Steak House if he had any additional tips he said, "Put some love in it!"
Mediterranean Diet Grilled Octopus with scallion, tomatoes and romaine on a Westward Ho platter.
Mediterranean Style Grilled Octopus
Recipe for Mediterranean style grilled octopus served with scallions, romaine and fresh tomatoes in a light citrus vinaigrette from The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook by Jackie Alpers.
he Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook's Montana Mule cocktail is made with whisky and sarsaparilla and served in a copper mug with lots of ice.
Montana Whisky Mule
The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook's Montana Mule cocktail is made with whisky and sarsaparilla and served in a copper mug.
Soup tureen filled with wild morel mushroom and onion, acorn soup and topped with cheese, a dried morel mushroom and toasted baguette slices.
Mushroom, Onion and Acorn Soup
Wild morel mushroom and onion soup with toasted bread and melted cheese inspired by ingredients local to Northern Montana where the TV series Yellowstone is set. From The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook by Jackie Alpers.
A stack of buttermilk biscuits served with butter and jam
Northern Style Southern Biscuits
Until recently, the only biscuits I ever made at home came from a Pop n' Fresh can, so when friends from overseas asked me for a real American biscuit recipe, I scoured every book I could find, starting with the biscuit tome Southern Biscuits by Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart, and ending with Alton Brown's always insightful analysis in I'm Just Here for More Food: Food x Mixing + Heat = Baking.
plant based beef chili with vegan cheese and sour cream in a glass bowl on a patterned glass plate on a black background
Old West Style Chili
Old West style spicy vegan chili recipe made with plant-based meat, black beans and mushrooms. Served with vegan shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream.
One large ice cube floating in a whisky cocktail with pomegranate seeds and black pepper
Pomegranate and Earl Grey Whisky Smash Cocktail
A Tucson Sonoran craft cocktail made with Earl Grey tea and whisky muddled with pomegranate seeds, finished with bitters and fresh ground pepper.
Pot Roast Braised in Irish Stout Beer
Pot roast with carrots and potatoes braised in Irish Stout beer is similar to recipes brought to the American West by Irish settlers. Inspired by the Yellowstone 1923 TV series. Use as the base for Cara Dutton's Irish Pasties recipe.
When you want to bring the heat to your usual bourbon neat. Crush the Thai red chili into the glass before drinking… if you dare. This whisky cocktail is served in the same Old Fashioned glassware that John Dutton and his family favor on the series Yellowstone.
Spicy Bourbon Whisky Cowboy Cocktail
Bring the heat to your usual bourbon neat with "The Fire and the Fury Cocktail" a dramatic, hot and spicy whisky cowboy cocktail inspired by the hit series, Yellowstone and served in the same glassware used in the Dutton family home. Get the recipe for this spicy bourbon whisky cocktail infused with lime and chiles served over ice.
spicy mashed potatoes garnished with BBQ seasoning and flaky salt on festive floral glass plates with a black fork.
Spicy, Smoky, Southwestern Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Because I’ve been known to eat a Thanksgiving meal that consists almost entirely of mashed potatoes and gravy, I replace the cream and some of the butter in the recipe with an aromatic garlic and chile infused broth that I cook the potatoes in, resulting in lighter mashed potatoes that are BIG on flavor.
hunks of candy nut brittle with cashews, peanuts
Sweet and Spicy Nut Brittle
Inspired by ingredients local to the Northwestern U.S. this crunchy, spicy, sweet mixed nut brittle is perfect for holiday gifting. Walnuts, hickory nuts, and hazelnuts are grown in Montana where the television series Yellowstone is set
Yellowstone Inspired rattlesnake sausage chowder served in a red Le Creuset mug.
Tate's Rattlesnake Sausage Chowder
This spicy rattlesnake sausage chowder has a bite, but at least it won’t take a bite out of you. Inspired by Tate Dutton's brave move in a key episode of Yellowstone. This recipe is reprinted from The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by the Dutton Family Ranch, by Jackie Alpers.
Texas style Chile con Carne with cheese and sour cream recipe from The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook by Jackie Alpers.
Texas-Style Chile con Carne
Chile Colorado con Carne recipe from The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook. In the season 4 finale of Yellowstone, the bunkhouse gets into a heated debate over whether or not chili has beans. The Unofficial Yellowstone cookbook shares a recipe for both chili with and without beans because Texas where the character "Jimmy" had recently visited, is famous for their Chile Colorado which is made without beans - it's mainly beef and red chiles, and it is fabulous. Get the chili with beans recipe... and more in The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook.
The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook Cover | Recipes | Jackie Alpers
The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook: Resource and Gift Guide
Shop for products from the Yellowstone TV series as seen in The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook by Jackie Alpers. This comprehensive list includes ingredients featured in the cookbook, cookware and plates and glassware used as props on Yellowstone, 1883 and 1923, and cooking resources.
tri-colored smashed potatoes served with ketchup. Photo and recipe by Jackie Alpers author of the Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook.
Tri-Colored Smashed Potatoes
These tri-colored smashed potatoes utilize heirloom varieties of produce, which help restore diversity to local agriculture. This recipe is an outtake, cut for space from The Unofficial Yellowstone Cookbook. 
Watermelon moonshine in a bell jar on the back of a pickup truck. Served with lime to cut the burn.
Watermelon Moonshine
Easy recipe for Watermelon Moonshine inspired by the Lainey Wilson song featured on Yellowstone. Made in a mason jar and served with lime to cut the burn. 
The Bee's Knees honey and lemon yellow cocktail in vintage inspired, etched glassware.
Yellowstone 1923 Bee's Knees Cocktail
The Bee's Knees is a prohibition era, honey-sweetened gin cocktail featured in the speakeasy scene in Yellowstone's 1923.

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